Keyword Volume Tool
Keyword Volume Tool

Our Keyword Volume Checker Tool tells you everything you need about the keywords that matter to you. Simply enter the keywords in the box and hit the button to begin your search volume check.

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Keyword Volume Checker

Our Keyword Volume Checker Tool tells you everything you need about the keywords that matter to you. Simply enter the keywords in the box and hit the button to begin your search volume check.

In just a few seconds, you’ll have the search volume, cost per click and level of competition for each keyword. It’s a bulk keyword tool, so you can enter up to 20 keywords at a time and compare the results and, even better, it’s completely free to use.

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What is search volume?

Search volume is how many times a particular keyword or phrase is typed into a search engine each month. It is calculated based on the average number of monthly searches during the previous 12 months.

Search volume is a crucial element in your search engine optimization or SEO strategy, as some keywords are more profitable than others. A search volume checker free helps you to understand which keywords are being searched for in the highest volume and which keywords are more difficult to rank for, i.e., lots of businesses are targeting the same keywords.

Our free bulk keyword checker shows you this information quickly, and in a simple format, so you can streamline your keyword research. At the end of your keyword research, when you know which keywords have the highest volume, either you or a content creation agency can create content to target that keyword.

Why is keyword research so important?

We all want to attract traffic to our websites, but the key is to attract relevant traffic.

A few hundred thousand visitors would be great, sure, but if 99% of those visitors aren’t interested in what you do, the traffic is of little use to your business.

How do you attract the right visitors? By identifying which keywords are the most searched for and creating high-quality content or adverts to rank for those keywords.

When someone searches for keywords that are related to what you do or products that you sell, you want search engines to return your website on the first page of results, ideally at the top. This will maximize your business visibility and should bring visitors to your website, who are more likely to convert.

To find out which keywords are likely to generate a higher number of visitors and potential customers, you need to carry out keyword research.

Keyword research: Getting started

  1. Sit down and brainstorm the words and phrases which are associated with your business or topic. You can use search engines to discover keywords that are related to your topic. Write the words down.
  2. Add your list of potential keywords into a keyword volume checker tool like ours, which will enable you to check bulk keyword search volume. The tool will tell you how many searches a keyword gets in an average month.
  3. In addition to search volume, you can also check the competition. This will tell you how many other pages are competing for the first page of results for that keyword. The more competition, the more difficult and time consuming it may be to rank for that keyword.
  4. When you know which keywords are both high in search volume and, ideally, not too competitive, you can begin creating content to cover that keyword and related topics. You can take advantage of content writing services to source unique, informative and engaging content for your website, which targets your preferred keywords.

With the right keyword research and some high-quality content behind you, you can transform your SEO strategy and boost your search engine rankings.

Ready to get started? Give our free keyword search volume checker a try today.

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