Pay Per Click Management


Learn the basics of pay per click (PPC) marketing

Pay per click advertising is a beneficial medium of digital marketing. By using PPC, businesses of all sizes are increasing sales and becoming more visible online. Not advertising your products on Google can result in lost sales – sales you have effectively handed over to your competitors.

By working with our PPC marketing experts, you will understand the basics of PPC marketing and see your PPC advertising campaign come to life.

SEO Lounge’s team of professionals will help with:

Google AdWords

Not sure how to use this online advertising platform to its fullest? We’ve got you covered. Our PPC management services will oversee your campaign and help with keywords and sticking to your marketing budget.

Keyword Research

Your PPC advertising campaign will fail to make an impression if you are not targeting the right keywords. The correct keywords will make your Google Ads more visible to those who are searching for your particular product.


The Role Of PPC Advertising

While most businesses cannot afford to solely rely on PPC advertising, it is a great digital marketing method that can help fill in a few crucial roles and bring in sales.


Profitable pay per click requires a perfect blend of mathematics and strategic planning

An effective pay per click advertising campaign needs to be strategic. It requires planning, plenty of research, and competitor analysis if it is to be a success. Here is how the SEO Lounge team can help:

Track Conversions

We will keep tabs on how well your PPC advertising campaign is doing and whether conversion rates are increasing. Depending on the success of your campaign, we will suggest amendments that will improve your PPC advertising strategy.

Manage Your PPC Dollars: Set a Sensible Budget

It’s easy for a pay per click advertising campaign to run away from you, with costs skyrocketing. Through proper PPC management, we will abide by your budget and ensure it doesn’t exceed it.

Find Niche Keywords

The backbone of a good pay per click marketing campaign is ensuring the keywords you have selected are relevant and highly searched for. We will help create a long-tail keyword strategy for you.

Provide good writing

Content cannot be ignored – it is the foundation of all marketing campaigns, and ensuring you have well-written content should be prevalent throughout your website.