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Google My Business is a valuable resource for businesses with a brick and mortar store. Ideal for making you easier to find, Google My Business is best suited to those brands that want to improve their click-through rates and get more people visiting their online and real-world outlets. With the right Google My Business SEO, you can see results in as little as 30 days!

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What is Google My Business?

You always want your customers to be able to find you when they turn to Google. If you have a physical outlet or several branches, then you probably already know that 95% of customers read reviews left online. What you might not know is that 12% of the customers look online for a local business every single day. This provides you with a huge opportunity to get seen and improve your bottom line. When people use Google to find local businesses, they want to be able to discover you for the first time, find out more about you, learn when your store is open, and get in contact in the way they prefer. If you don’t have a strong Google listing, then you are making it harder for your customers. It’s almost like you don’t exist!

A well-developed Google Optimizer service doesn’t just make sure that you are visible online. The right SEO local Google My Business listing can leap off the page in a dynamic and conversion-optimized way.

A Google listing banner that uses persuasive content for more click-through-rates.

A keyword-optimized promotion post once every month.

Photo management that includes exclusive discounts on Google Trusted Photography.

Keyword optimization that is updated monthly following in-depth reviews.

Ongoing monitoring and reviews of Google updates, as well as taking suggestions from your customers.

Monthly updates and optimization of your local key terms.

Link building to establish increased authority.

Blog content that improves Google ranking and user experience.

Monthly optimisation for additional local key term searches.

A monthly Google My Business report.

How A Local Search Works

Most searches for a local business will start with a search on mobile. The category and the area are put into a search engine (dog walkers in Ohio, for example). Google then shows them the top three results on a Google map. If you’re not one of those three businesses, you are at a serious disadvantage. Even if you are in those top three, you may get the views, but you will still need to make sure that you turn those views into action. Content is vital for this.

Remember, the further down that someone has to scroll on Google, the less likely that they will click on you. When clicks lead to inquiries and conversions, Google My Business SEO is vital.

Your Listing

This is your online shop window and often the most viewed component of your online world. That’s why it needs to be engaging and loaded with the right information and imagery. You need to use this listing to give potential clients a reason to visit you or pick up the phone. If you have a standard Google listing, it’s time for an upgrade. Contact us today for a bespoke SEO Local Google My Business overhaul that could transform your potential to grow.

Google My Business Local SEO Services Pricing

    • Google Local 1

      from $260 pack
      • Keyword Research
      • Keyword Mapping
      • Local Optimisation
      • Monthly Posts x 1
      • Link Building x 1
      • Blog Content x 1
      • Monthly Reporting
      • Delivery 30 days (18th Dec)
    • Google Local 2

      from $390 pack
      • Keyword Research
      • Keyword Mapping
      • Local Optimisation
      • Monthly Posts x 2
      • Link Building x 2
      • Blog Content x 2
      • Monthly Reporting
      • Delivery 30 days (18th Dec)
    • 50% SALE

      Google Local 3

      from$520 $260pack
      • Keyword Research
      • Keyword Mapping
      • Local Optimisation
      • Monthly Posts x 3
      • Link Building x 3
      • Blog Content x 3
      • Monthly Reporting
      • Delivery 30 days (18th Dec)
    • 50% SALE

      Google Local 4

      from$650 $325pack
      • Keyword Research
      • Keyword Mapping
      • Local Optimisation
      • Monthly Posts x 4
      • Link Building x 4
      • Blog Content x 4
      • Monthly Reporting
      • Delivery 30 days (18th Dec)

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