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We design customized Google AdWords campaigns for clients by using a combination of technical and creative techniques. We specialize in developing successful strategies, no matter how competitive your industry.

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Google Adwords PPC Management Services

What is Google AdWords PPC?

Google AdWords is the service offered by Google that allows brands or individuals to create a paid-for advert that appears in the top slot of a Google search result. The system works effectively because you only pay when your advert is clicked on. That makes it an effective way to gain real traffic to your website, especially when you consider that more than 80% of all searches are done through Google. That makes Google AdWords more critical than ever.

Google AdWords PPC Process

The process of a successful AdWords campaign will always start with you. The first step is to compile a list of goals and business objectives that will result in a positive ROI. Once these are identified and clarified, we work alongside you to create the most comprehensive campaign.

Click Intelligence is an AdWords management agency that gets rid of the hard work of PPC campaigns and ensures that you do not waste your time or your budget on ineffective campaigns.

What Does a Good Google AdWords PPC Campaign Look Like?

All of our Google AdWords PPC management services involve:

Your PPC Strategy

Research is the key to a successful PPC campaign, and as a leading provider of Google AdWords PPC management services, we know what to research and how to use the results. Our extensive research will delve into your:

  • Business
  • Industry
  • Competitors
  • Target audience

This ensures that the PPC strategy that we develop will be fully optimized for maximum success.


Once your campaign strategy is created, we then implement it. Alternatively, we update your existing campaigns and transform them into brand new and more effective campaign ideas. This focus on maximum impact makes us the ideal AdWords PPC services team to use.


Keyword research is a vital component of Google AdWords PPC effectiveness. We identify the most relevant keywords for your campaigns, and that means you get the best ROI possible.

AdCopy Writing

The goal is a higher click-through rate, and we design the bespoke copy that can be utilized on both your Google ad and your landing pages. We include compelling calls to action that not only make your landing pages relevant to consumers but help you introduce those users into your sales funnel.

Ad Extension

If you want to stand out from your competitors, then Ad extensions are invaluable. As your provider of Google AdWords PPC management services, we work hard to implement only the best extensions that will work for you.

Shopping Ads

Shopping campaigns and product listing ads are then all fully optimized as well, meaning that you are better able to promote your existing inventory by making maximum use of the most relevant search terms and keywords.

Tracking and PPC Optimization

We track your impact continuously. This is the only route to optimal success. We concentrate on every change so that we can make fine-tuned adjustments, meaning your AdWords campaign has more impact.

Measurement and Reporting

Effective AdWords PPC services will only work if your metrics are measured. Our regular reports highlight your PPC progress and make suggestions on ways to improve.

It is possible to create your own AdWords campaign. However, strategic planning, ongoing management, and the experience and skills of the Click Intelligence team can take your campaigns to a whole new level. Contact us today to find out more.

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