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A PPC audit is a thorough investigation into your PPC account. The aim is to identify any areas where improvements could be made to boost the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Every technical aspect of the account is checked to ensure that it is helping the campaign’s performance and not negatively influencing the results.

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PPC Audit Services

What is a PPC audit?

PPC audits are an in-depth investigation into your existing PPC account. The goal is to identify those areas where improvements can be made that will improve the impact and effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. All of the technical aspects of your PPC account are inspected and checked so that they more effectively aid the performance of your campaigns. The goal is to ensure that your existing strategies aren’t negatively affecting overall marketing results.

What is our PPC audit process?

It can be a time-consuming process to run a thorough and effective PPC account audit. However, it is a vital exercise that will involve investigating every folder and file, tick box, and drop-down of your PPC account. All of the options that you choose on your PPC campaign will influence its success. Our PPC audit services will inspect a large date range to gain access to a true reflection of your statistics. This gives us a broader picture of your PPC strategy rather than a shallow overview.

What this means for you is that the recommendations that you receive from us will all be based on real data and metrics. The Click Intelligence team consists of experts in paid media, and experienced professionals adept at performing a PPC account audit. We start by identifying your audit goals so that there is a practical means of measuring improvements and enhancing the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

Why does your business need a PPC audit?

A PPC audit is more than simple digital housekeeping. Factors like an AdWords audit need to be performed regularly, but even more so if your PPC strategy is not giving you the ROI that was expected. Underperforming PPC campaigns can be caused by many factors. We can guide improvements to your PPC management, from a Google Adwords audit right through to a full overhaul of your existing methods.

What does a good a PPC audit look like?

A high-quality PPC account audit will combine a variety of investigation methods. Not only will we examine your account structure for improved trigger definition, but we will also evaluate and perform an in-depth keyword and AdWords audit. Your campaign settings will also be inspected as these are often neglected when it comes to PPC campaign management. The Click Intelligence team will then focus on:

  • PPC Time and Day data: We make sure that your time of day settings are at their most effective.
  • Location and geography analysis: It can be easy to make mistakes with location settings, so we ensure that these are fine-tuned for maximum impact.
  • Device-based bidding analysis: This is often overlooked by many PPC audit services, but we make sure that device tracking is not only enabled but refined using real metrics and audience research.
  • Analysis of conversion tracking: This measurable statistic evaluation identifies your conversion rates and uses data to boost those figures.
  • Attribution model analysis: This highlights what is working and what needs more attention.
  • Adwords scripting analysis: Testing the quality of your adverts and refining them for maximum performance.

The Click Intelligence team is here to help you get more from your PPC account. Contact us today to find out more.

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