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We create bespoke Local SEO Services campaigns for clients by using a variety of creative and technical techniques. We specialise in developing successful strategies, even in the most competitive industries.

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Local SEO Services

What is Local SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method used to optimise your onsite and offsite content so that your website can have good search visibility penetration. The goal here is to be either the first or second result on a relevant search, which combined, will see over half of all traffic. The first result will see a third.

As you can see, optimising your site has huge benefits, but you are not the only one using SEO to better your position in Google. That is why local SEO services can be so effective, because it means that rather than competing with your global competitors, you will only need to compete with those local to you. Unless you are a company that exists entirely online and does not have a physical location, local SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic, sales, and sign-ups to your site.

Why Does Your Business Need Local SEO?

Attempting to gain a global audience means you are competing with millions of businesses around the world and even more websites and blogs from individual users. By narrowing your efforts more locally, you can see your SEO efforts pay off sooner and with greater results. If you are a local business, there is no better SEO strategy to choose from.

What is Our Local SEO Process?

Local SEO has come a long way from searching for businesses with location into a search engine. Today, personalisation has changed the potential and reach for local SEO, allowing more relevant users to find what they are looking for without searching for specific criteria. That is why our local SEO service combines the tools and strategies necessary for any SEO strategy, with local tools and techniques to improve your ranking on local searches.

What Does a Good Local SEO Campaign Look Like?

Local SEO efforts pay off more due to the increased resources and opportunities available. That is why our local SEO services involve using many different tools specifically chosen for their benefit with local SEO, such as:

Local Website Optimisation

Before any backlink or off-site SEO can be conducted, we must first go through your website and conduct a local SEO audit. This means that we will go through and review each webpage to ensure that it is as optimised as possible. The last thing you want is any off-site effort to be disrupted by old SEO tactics you have used on your site that are now blacklisted.

Google My Business

Another benefit of localised SEO is that Google offers free tools to make their search more effective and accurate. One such tool is Google My Business, which allows you to manage your presence on Google Plus, Google Maps, and throughout Google’s local features.

Local Citations

Once we have set you up on Google My Business, we will work on increasing local citations. To achieve this, all we need to do is to list your business on local directories, where your name and address are clearly shown. The more reputable directories your business is listed on, the more Google will trust your location.

Local Digital PR

Local news and media companies have a vested interest in reporting news and stories from local businesses, which is why any great local SEO strategy must include local PR so that your business can be gain press from local coverage.

Local Link Building

Local media aren’t the only opportunities online, which is why we work to create targeted and local coverage for your neighbourhood and to your demographic.

Creating, implementing, and managing a local SEO campaign requires the right knowledge and commitment, which is why it is always wise to rely on a local SEO company who will work with you to ensure your goals are met. We here at Click Intelligence take this role as a local SEO agency very seriously, and promise ongoing tracking, optimisation, and regular reports so that you can continue climbing the SERPs and remaining number one once you’re there.

Our awesome team are here and ready to help your business succeed, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out more.

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